Here’s How To Use Papaya Seeds To Heal Your Kidneys, Liver And Gut

Most people throw out the papaya seeds when eating the fruit, but if everyone knew how powerful they are, they would never do so. Experts say that papaya seeds are far more beneficial than the fruit itself, and can easily clean your gut, liver and kidneys. They have a rich nutritional profile and healing and cleaning properties, and are a great remedy for intestinal worms.

Not that the fruit itself isn’t – besides being delicious, papaya can provide our body with calcium, thiamine, iron, niacin and fiber as well. Papayas are also rich in vitamin C, which makes them a great remedy against colds or the flu. For best results, we suggest drinking a mixture of papaya and orange juice in equal amounts.

The seeds can be eaten raw or dried and can be added to smoothies, protein shakes or salads. They will detoxify your digestive system, liver and kidneys, eliminate any parasite in your body and are a powerful natural contraceptive. In the past, people have been using them as a powerful liver remedy.

Due to its importance, it’s vital we keep our liver clean at all times, and papaya is the perfect fruit to do it. Here’s how to prepare a powerful papaya tonic recipe:

  • A tablespoon of orange juice
  • 2 papaya leaves
  • 5 papaya seeds

Grind the seeds to dust and chop the previously washed papaya leaves, then squeeze them through a cheesecloth to get 1-2 tablespoons of fresh papaya juice. Mix it with the lemon juice afterwards, then drink the mixture 2 times a day for a period of a month. The tonic will clean your liver completely and improve its function and health.



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