Here’s What Waking Up At Certain Times Overnight Means

Waking up in the middle of the night can be pretty tiring. It can leave you without energy in the morning and may even lead to certain diseases. But, do you know why it occurs? According to traditional Chinese medicine, our body is separated by energy “meridians” or channels which are connected to certain times. These channels are filled with energy and disrupting the proper energy flow at a certain time of the day can easily help you detect what organ are you having problems with.

Here’s what waking up at a certain point of the night means:

11 PM – 1 AM

According to traditional Chinese medicine, waking up at this point of the night means you’re having gallbladder problems. This organ achieves its peak during this time, so waking up between 11 PM and 1 AM could spell gallbladder problems. Waking up at this point of the night may also be related to emotional disappointment including failing to accept yourself and the inability to forgive.

1 AM – 3 AM

Waking up between 1 and 3 AM is related to liver problems. Emotionally, it may be connected to feelings like anger and an excess of yang energy. If your liver is the problem, we suggest drinking a glass of cold water before going to bed.

3 AM – 5 AM

If you wake up between 1 and 3 AM, you’re either too stressed or suffering from some kind of respiratory problem. Emotionally, it might be a higher power alerting you of danger. Listen to your body and trust your instincts in order to resolve these problems.

How does it affect our health?

Waking up in the middle of the night can harm your brain function significantly. Since our brains are not awake when our sleep is interrupted, we may experience a condition known as sleep inertia. Sleep inertia is actually the period between being awake and waking up, and also a period when people feel lonely. The part of the brain associated with self-control and decision making isn’t full awake when we wake up overnight, which makes us unable to bring a wise decision at that point.

How to fulfill your higher purpose?

Emotionally, the moment you wake up overnight, you’re most probably alerted by a higher power. Your dreams have the role of revealing clues about your spiritual journey, which is why they shouldn’t be ignored. In order to stay on the spiritual path, you need to be aware of the clues the higher power gives. These signs shouldn’t be ignored, so make sure to trust the Divine and align your goals with it completely.



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