When You Put Your Legs Up Against A Wall Every Day

A lot of mental and physical benefits can be provided with yoga, but many people look over it as a difficult thing to learn, and they find the yoga positions difficult to preform.

But no matter what you start, you must begin from somewhere, something that is easy and simple at first. It is the same for yoga, it starts with very simple poses, and as you practice, the poses become more delicate and intense, so as the practice.

The best way to start is the Viparita Karani.

This pose is also known as the Legs up on the Wall or the Inverted Lake pose. This is one of the best starter poses for yoga, and it is very simple to preform. This pose will relieve you from tightness and pain, also it will provide a lot of relaxation and it has the ability to reduce anxiety as well.

There are a few variations of this pose, and it all depends on your abilities. As you start to work and practice yoga, you will go deeper into the yoga poses and at a certain point you will be preforming one of the most complicated yoga poses.

Version: Legs Straight up on the Wall

Lie on the floor with your butt against the wall, placing your legs straight on the wall and extended all the way up, and they should be apart in hip distance. Place your arms right beside your body, or you can fold them across your chest, the soles should be facing upwards.

Version: Legs in a Wide ā€œVā€

It is the same as the other one, but this one only requires you to spread your legs as wider as possible, in order to form a V letter, that way you will stretch the groin area.

Version: Soles Together

Just as the other poses before, but to stretch the groin area even more, you should out the soles of your feet together, while your knees are turned towards the outside. Use your hands to push the knees towards the wall. Be very gentle though, because this is a very intense stretch.


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