Relieve A Headache In Just 5 Minutes Without Any Pills

The method that uses the application of a bit force or pressure to certain bodily pressure points on for the purpose of treating numerous diseases and health conditions, headache being one of them, is called acupressure.

The supposed pressure points are in fact nerves located in different body parts, which are in charge of regulating the blood flow.

Headaches occur on account of stiffness and tightness in the neck and face area, whose muscles inhibit blood flow.

Thus, by stimulating them with a massage you will be able to release the tension in the muscles, and improve the circulation, thus soothing your headache.

This is a brief explanation of the points that can treat your headache:

Zan Zhu Points – These points are placed on the top part of your eyebrow bone, where the nose begins. To treat your headache and improve your eyesight, massage the points in circular motions.

Shuai Gu Points – This point is located above the ear, a few centimeters from where the hairline begins. By stimulating it with your index finger you will be able to soothe your headaches, treat eye fatigue, and regulate the nervous system.

YinTang Point – This point finds its place in the forehead’s center, between the eyes. Gently squeeze it with the help of your middle and the index finger and hold it tightly for a couple of seconds to relieve the pain.

He Gu Points – Press the point which is between the thumb and index finger, located in the webbing of the skin for a couple of seconds, to treat headaches and dizziness.

Pericardium – Locate the point on your wrist around 3 inches from where your palm ends and massage it gently with your middle and index finger, to cure headaches, upset stomach and dizziness.

Ying Xiang Points – These spots are located on both sides of the nostrils. Massage these pressure spots to relieve the sinuses, reduce stress, and soothe headaches.

Sacral Points – Lie on the floor on your back, and massage these spots, located straight at the top of the tailbone, at the spine’s base, for a couple of minutes, to relieve menstrual pain and symptoms.

Tian Zhu Points – You can find these spots on the back of the head in the middle of the neck. You can soothe headaches and treat eye and ear aches by massaging them and firmly pressing them.

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