This Is What Your Belly Button Says About Your Health

We don’t pay too much attention on the health and shape of our belly buttons. Some people are not even aware of its meaning, but it has its importance. According to a new research it was revealed that there are different aspects of the navel shape. It can tell a lot about your health problems and can indicate whether some body parts are not functioning properly.

Bacteria have a great role on our overall health which is why scientists have examined samples that they collected from the belly buttons of 500 people. The analysis showed presence of the bacteria such as Streptococcus and Staphylococcus in some of the participants. If you want to find out what the shape of your belly button says about your health, keep reading.

1. Bulged belly button

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A protruding belly button might look unusual and even though it is often normal it can sometimes indicate hernia. This shape of a belly button can be found in people who often lift heavy objects which is the main cause of hernia.

2. Little bulge

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If your belly button has a slight bulge you are probably more prone to getting affected by the flu virus. You are likely to have more problems than other people when you have the common cold or the flu.

3. Almond shaped

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These people have numerous problems such as being prone to migraine as well as facing muscular pain. People with almond shaped belly buttons also often have bone weakness.

4. Bulged with U-form

This type of belly button is considered beautiful, however it may indicate that you might suffer from kidney disease and also an increased risk of skin diseases. But you are less likely to have genetic abnormalities.

5. Tucked navel

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You don’t have serious problems besides weight disorders which are usually caused by constipation or digestive issues.

Now that you know what your belly button has to say about your health, make sure you help your family and friends to find out about theirs.

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