Twelve Refreshing Uses For Listerine Every Woman Needs To Know

Okay, I’ll admit it. I have a shopping problem. It’s not clothing, shoes, furniture, or anything else you would normally expect…it’s toiletries! I could spend the entire day at the drug store buy nail polish, face wash, makeup, shampoo, body wash, really anything that I can pass off as a “necessity.”

I can’t be the only one who does this, right?

One of the things I’ve managed to stock up on is Listerine mouthwash. We have so many bottles under the sink, my husband has finally said either I have to start using them, or he’s throwing them out. I can’t say I blame him, either. We really have no room left.

So instead of draining all the mouthwash down the sink, I decided to look into how I could use it other than as a breath freshener.

Ladies, let me tell ya, we have been wasting our mouthwash! There are so many ways to use it that I never would have thought of!

1. Soak Your Feet

Especially as sandal season approaches, it’s time to get those feet looking nice and fresh! Not everyone has the time or the money to go get a professional pedicure, but that’s not a problem.

Toenail fungus can be dealt with using a mixture of Listerine and warm water. Soak your feet for 30 minutes and you’ll be good as new!

The mixture also helps to rejuvenate your feet, moisturizing your cracked heels and dry skin. Methyl salicylate, which is found in Listerine is chemically similar to salicylic acid, which is an exfoliant.

Basically, you can pamper yourself using nothing but some mouthwash, and get yourself super ready!

2. Cleaning Your Toilet

If you’re looking for a way to clean your toilet without as many harsh chemicals, or you’re like me and you find the smell of bathroom cleaner too intense, you can use Listerine to do it instead! The anti-bacterial properties will disinfect your toilet, and the scent will deodorize it.

Pour a little Listerine on your toilet brush and scrub the toilet bowl thoroughly. Flush the toilet, and bask in the glory that is your clean toilet!

Of course, it’s a good idea to give your toilet a deep clean about once a month, but for the in-between cleanings, a little Listerine should do the trick!


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