Want To Lose 15 Lbs. In A Week? Follow This Diet Plan!

People are always on the lookout for simple tips and tricks that can help them lose weight, but getting rid of the extra pounds on your body isn’t that simple a process. However, losing weight naturally without harming your health is possible. There are many diets that can do this, and we have the best plan for you.

Here are a few tips and tricks on losing weight and a 1-week diet plan that will definitely help you shed some pounds:

Don’t skip breakfast!

Skipping breakfast won’t do anything good for your weight and health – it will only make you gain more. Avoid eating processed or sugary foods for breakfast. The first meal of the day should be rich, but not full of empty calories.

Eat your last meal at 8 PM or before

If you want to maintain your weight, your last meal should be eaten at 8 PM or before. This is one of the main factors for losing weight, so make sure to stick to it.

The 1-week diet

Day #1

Day #1 is fruit day, which means that you’ll eat fruits only for 24 hours. You can eat apples, oranges and all other fruits except bananas. Pineapple and papayas are a great choice.

Day #2

The second day is reserved for vegetables only. Have baked potatoes for breakfast for a good portion of carbs, then eat beans or broccoli for lunch. You can also eat vegetable soups or stews.

Day #3

Fruit and vegetable day. For the third day, you’re allowed to eat fruits and vegetables only. You can eat anything other than potatoes and bananas.

Day #4

On the fourth day, you can eat bananas and milk. Go for 10 bananas during the day as well as 3 full glasses of milk.

Day #5

It’s the feast day! The 5th day is reserved for a variety of foods, including chicken or fish fillet, tomatoes and plenty of water as well.

Day #6

During the sixth day, you can eat red meat as well as vegetables in large amounts.

Day #7

For the last day, you’re allowed to have some brown rice and a bowl of steamed vegetables. You can also have a potato and some vegetables juices and a few fruits as well, including bananas.



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